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Since 1994, Semper has grown to become the largest provider of staffing solutions to graphic arts, digital and print companies. We supply the best pre-qualified employees for short-term or long-term flexible staffing (temp), trial to hire (temp to hire), and direct hire placement (permanent). Our efficient, reliable business model has helped transform how companies, large and small, fill important roles or stretch production capacity.

Many of our clients have been so impressed our staffing capabilities that we are providing assistance with roles that were not originally our area of focus, such as administrative and business operations.

Our company’s name was derived from the Latin root, semper: always. For us, Semper means always being there for our clients, helping them reach their goals. The exclamation point in our logo is a visual translation of our never-ending enthusiasm for our business. We’re always excited about what we do for every client. And, our results have astonished our customers.

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Semper's Philosophy:

Pre-screening + Skills Testing + In Depth References =
High Standards = Client Satisfaction

Semper meets daily with skilled professionals from across the United States who are in search of flexible, flex-to-hire, and direct hire positions. We have backgrounds in the printing industry and put prospective employees through a rigorous screening process to ensure that we are only presenting the most qualified professionals to our clients. Semper's Recruiters have the training, skills and experience to get your job done RIGHT!

We have an extensive process of qualifying our candidates. The following are the steps we take before you meet with the employee:
Telephone Pre-qualifications:
that include verifying industry experience, specific skill and flexibility. The candidate must pre-qualify before interviewing with Semper.
by a Semper industry professional establishing career objective.
specifically for the skill and job. Semper has exclusively designed tests and a scoring system. A candidate has to pass the tests required before any other steps can be taken.
Reference Checking:
from industry supervisors.
Job End Rating:
is given at the end of an assignment. This process sets Semper apart from other agencies. The field ratings are used to determine future assignments.
Background checks:
are available at your request.

Outplacement Services, Payrolling, and Retained Searches

Our Outplacement Service package can include, but is not limited to:
  • resume design and consultation
  • skills testing and assessment
  • interview preparation.
Semper will also actively submit each qualified person into positions that become available to us.

Our Payrolling Services are perfect when you have an employee that must be laid off, but you cannot do without. Or, if your company has a hiring freeze, but you have an employee in mind, you can payroll that employee through Semper as a viable solution to your freeze.

We offer Retained Searches for Sales Executives, Account Executives, and Managers.

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